EXTRA-14837 - USA (Boulder, Colorado) - Consulting Services for Modular Housing Factory - Deadline October 28,2021

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Government Authority located in Boulder, Colorado; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for consulting services for modular housing factory.

[A] Budget: Looking for proposal

[B] Scope of Service:

Vendor needs to provide consulting services for modular housing factory to the government authority located in Boulder, CO.
1. Factory design and technology information
- Develop final design of modular production line flow.
- Design best line movement system for moving modular units on the production line.
- Provide initial drawings of production jigs or fixtures for walls, ceilings, and floors.
- Provide drawings for suggested air system and electrical layout to production line.
- Provide list of suggested machinery and equipment to be used on the production line (e.g., saws, gypslitter, sanders etc.).
- Discuss crane system to match production flow.
- Suggest over the road carriers that can be used for transportation of the modules and budget
pricing for the carriers.
- Assist with recommendations for third party inspection agency and information on having factory approved by the state for modular production.
2. Production line layout
- Review plant specifications and layout complete assembly line.
- Provide locations for all material to be used efficiently on the production line.
- Provide locations for all Pre-assembly items prior to installation.
- Locate a mill area for cut materials needed in each line station.
- Suggest raw material storage area and labelling to track inventory.
- Provide station by station drawings and description of work content and flow in each departmental station.
- Identify and locate machinery and equipment needed in each line station.
- Provide suggested employee scope of work for each station.
- Provide suggested departmental manning to complete assembly line task per capacity requirements.
- Provide tool list needed by each employee per their scope of work.
- Locate material racking in designated areas for frequently used inventory (electrical,
plumbing, HVAC, etc.).
3. Quality assurance program
- Work with quality assurance manager to review or create quality assurance program
and process to identify opportunities and non-conformances early in the process (station
by station with leadership signoffs) to prevent labour and material waste and to “train or
educate” concerning codes and best practices.
- Create a QA traveller that is attached to each unit for inspections by production supervision
and QA signoffs on completion.
4. Purchasing
- Work with purchasing management team on most efficient material storage and quantities.
- Review material sizing that works best for product being built.
- Review lead times with purchasing to be sure they understand bringing the material to the
factory ahead of needs.
- Discuss inventory control (i.e., too much of one thing and not enough of another). Make sure purchasing understands the balance in raw inventory matching production levels.
5. Engineering
- Work with engineering manager and production manager on what drawings are necessary for production employees to build effectively and limit confusion.
- Show engineering how managing their department by departmentalizing into specific job duties (e.g., having one group do preliminary drawings and another group doing final production drawings).
- Introduce “value engineering” to the costing and engineering departments. Overbuilding
the product cost time and money.
- Share the use 3 D drawings in areas that are necessary to prevent issues on the production line.
6. Training
- Work with production manager and supervisors in training production staff the assembly line process to include employee’s scope of work in station and the time that is allowed for each, tools needed for each scope of work, lessons learned, shortcuts in performing scopes, pre-assembly and to what degree are possible and safety with each task to create a sense of urgency in completing task.
- Work with production management team on importance of being self-sufficient vs subcontracting portions of the production process. The exception could be sprinkler systems or specialty items that require licensed professional.
- Introduce forms where needed in the various departments to create a smooth flow of information to all departments.
- Inspect factory to be sure management has complied with normal safety rules.
- Review production line staffing with plant manager to be sure stations are properly manned.
- Review fabrication drawings with production supervisors to be sure everyone understands.
- Present a schedule to client suggesting follow up visits to confirm that the production process is working as planned and agreed.
- Introduce a daily operations report or weekly report. Daily reports that reflect information for all department heads t

[C] Eligibility:

Onshore (USA organization Only)

[D] Work Performance:

Performance of the work will be offsite.

Expiry Date : Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Category : Professional, Consulting, Administrative or Management Support Services

Country : USA

State : Colorado

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