Guideline_to_add_keywords_in_RFPMart ; Valid and Invalid Keywords

(1) Vague keywords, which may give inaccurage or too much results are not allowed to add as “Keywords” in RFPMart. For that, you can add or select categories associated with that keywords in your preference, or add more suitable keywords.

For example, design or designs is invalid keyword, which will give vague results. For accurate results, you are requested to use better version of the same Keyword – that is web design, web designing, graphic design, graphics design, graphics designing etc.

(2) Special characters are not allowed in keywords except hyphen (‐)

(3) Keyword with two characters will be always considered as single character.

For example, “web design” will be treated as single keyword to get the suitable results for you. “web” and “design”, two separate kewwords are not considered to give best result.