Help Doc for RFP Download for Monthly Subscription

Step-1 : Go to our homepage <www.rfpmart.com> and click on Member Login (1).

Step-2 : After clicking on Member Login , Login Page will open, Enter Email and Password than submit it to Login with RFPMart account(2).

Step-3 : After login, you will be redirected to home page.

Select Subscription's RFP’s (3) from Suppliers in the Menu.

Step-4 : After navigating to the desired RFP you purchased/subscribed, you can simply download it by clicking on the Download (4) button at the bottom of the RFP’s brief and browse to the location you want to save the file or .zip folder of the RFP.

In case of PDF RFP document that opens in your browser itself, you can download them too just by right clicking your mouse button anywhere in the document and saving it your desired location.

Step-5 :You can also use Search Feature to find relevant RFPs.

Please go through Search Section. Select “Active” for RFP Status. Then select your prefer Category, Country & State.

Click on Search(5).

Step-6 : After Clicking on Search Button, You will find lists of RFPs(6).

Step -7 : Click on RFP Title and open link in new tab (7).

Step-8 : If you have Active Subscription for that RFP, you will see Download Option (8).