Help Doc for Monthly Subscription Purchase

Step-1 : Go to our homepage <www.rfpmart.com> and click on Member Login (1).

Step-2 : After clicking on Member Login , Login Page will open, Enter Email and Password than submit it to Login with RFPMart account (2).

Step-3 : Select Monthly Subscription (3) from Menubar.

Step-4 :After select Monthly Subscription, You will be redirected to Subscription page, it will Show All Subscription than select category and
Subscribe Now (4).

Step-5 : After clicking on Subscription Now, it will be redirected to Paypal.
If you already have Paypal Account , you can login (5)into your account using first option of Pay with my PayPal account.

Step-6 : If you don’t have Paypal Account , you need to create once for Monthly Subscription. Click on second option of Create a PayPal account (6).


Step-7 : After Successfully Purchasing of Subscription , click on Download (7) to download RFPs of related Subscription.